PolyPup Layer 2 - BONE Token
PolyPup Finance is a new DeFi project on Polygon featuring a deflationary token model. This is the second layer of the project featuring BONE with a maximum supply of 65,000 tokens.
After reviewing several yield farming models we decided on a low emission rate, low supply, layered farming approach to our platform. This model will help end users earn maximum yields over a long period of time. Buyback and burns will help stabilize a price floor for long term holders.
  • 65,000 BONE tokens maximum
  • 0.025 emission rate
  • Layered farming for continued earning of PUP and BONE token holders
  • A new dApp will be released before August which will take BONE and PUP as payment options. This dApp will burn 25% of the PUP and BONE it receives and will profit share with 25%. More info on the dApp will come soon. This dApp is in Alpha currently.
Last modified 1yr ago
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