PolyPup Layer 4


PolyPup Finance is a new DeFi project on Polygon featuring a deflationary token model. This is the fourth layer of the project featuring COLLAR with no maximum supply.

PolyPup has been developing a game changing dApp known as PolyPup UI (PPUI) that will feed it's revenues into the PolyPup token ecosystem. COLLAR token will receive 30% of all revenue PPUI generates through buybacks and burns. PPUI generates revenue through advertising, referrals, decentralized vaults, and more tools currently in development. PPUI is currently in BETA.

The 4th layer of PolyPup will have many improvements over previous layers including it's stealth launch which will feature 800 tokens ($30,000) of liquidity and 9000 tokens available to be earned through COLLAR Dividends prior to farming start in 7 days. Stake PUP, BONE, or BALL and earn COLLAR.

  • 800 COLLAR Liquidity

  • 9000 COLLAR in COLLAR Dividends - stake BONE, PUP, or BALL to earn COLLAR


  • 0.075 emission rate

  • PUP, BONE, and BALL holders will be able to earn COLLAR token shortly after the stealth launch on COLLAR Dividends by staking PUP BONE or BALL tokens.

  • Layered farming for continued earning of PUP, BONE, and BALL token holders

  • New products will be released to profit share with PolyPup token holders including PolyPup UI to be released by September 12th and PolyPup NFTs by September 17th.

  • Revenue earned from PolyPup products buys back and burns PolyPup tokens. 50% of buyback power always goes to COLLAR while the remaining is split between PUP, BONE, and BALL

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